Course curriculum

  • 1

    Healing and Feeling the Fire of Trauma - Primal, Wild, and Free

    • Coming into the Body - Introduction from Marta

    • On Being Human

    • Sacred Woman's Room

    • Start Where You Are

    • Starting Where You're At Questionnaire

    • Making a Human Heart

    • My Promise to Myself

    • Commitment to Your Intention

    • Mindful Madwoman Meditation

    • Felt Sense Prayer

    • "Felt Sense" and "Felt Shift"

    • Triggers, Gut Instincts, and the Subconscious

    • Daily Questions

    • 7 Steps to Access Creativity, Intimacy, and Spiritual Power

    • Quotes for Healing

    • Poetry as Prompts

    • Your Body is the Fruit

    • An Inspired Woman Can Never Remain Unconscious - Where do your Words Come From?

    • Imagine yourself as this woman being sold into slavery